Stretch Ceilings

Do you have a popcorn ceiling, unsightly ceiling or wall that you wish to fix? But don’t want to deal with the mess and time to renovate? We have the solution for you!

New revolutionary stretch ceilings and walls are now available in Canada.

With a wide variety of colors and finishes, our most popular product is a reflective ceiling.  The special glossy coating reflects like a mirror. The darker a color, the more reflective it is.  

Also, available in matt finish, satin, transparent finish with backlighting or lightbox.

Our system has the advantage of hiding new or existing wiring, unsightly blemishes in ceilings or walls.

We can also put any print of your desire on the material.

Our ceilings are maintenance free. They are covered by 10 years warranty for a reflective finish and 15 years for matt finish. So you can enjoy your ceiling or wall without the worry of maintenance.